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Afromed Emergency Medical Service

Afromed, headquartered in Durban, is a prominent medical emergency service that holds a leading position in the province. We extend our services to diverse sectors, including emergency services, as well as fields like sports and events where the need for emergency services may arise.

Emergency: 073 333 6656
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In Summary.

Established in 2012 by Sthembiso Emmanuel Ngubo and Nelisiwe Gloria Ngcobo, two young Black social entrepreneurs and professional colleagues, Afromed Medical Services (AMS) has expanded to operate a fleet of eleven well-equipped ambulances and six rapid medical response support vehicles, serving the KwaZulu-Natal community primarily. With a combined experience of over 18 years in critical care ambulance service operations and management, Sthembiso and Nelisiwe lead the organization.

  • Over 18 Year's Experience in Emergency services
  • The organization has received numerous accolades within the province.
  • A frontrunner in emergency and ambulance services, serving not only the local community but also recognized nationwide.
  • Avoca Hills Branch
  • Manguzi Branch

Avoca Hills Branch

Afromed operates from two offices, Avoca and Manguzi. Avoca serves as our primary branch, equipped with all the necessary facilities to efficiently conduct emergency services. Specifically catering to Durban and its surrounding areas, Avoca Hills is the central hub for our operations.

Afromed Head Office

Manguzi Branch

The Manguzi branch serves as our secondary facility, situated in the Zangomeni area. This location is equipped with facilities to facilitate emergency services, and there is also a dedicated school allocated within the vicinity.

Afromed Manguzi Branch

-What We Do-

Our services are not confined solely to Emergency Services online.

A leader in emergency and ambulance services, catering not only to the local community but also acknowledged nationwide, our extensive range of services extends across various socio-economic responses.

  • Medical Services

    We offer round-the-clock emergency and medical services throughout the week, ensuring a swift response to accidents and incidents. Our comprehensive medical support extends to various events such as sports, festivals, and public gatherings, where we deploy ambulances, paramedics, intermediate and advanced life support, medical rooms, and a team of professional doctors and nurses, tailored to the event's scale.

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  • community Services

    We consistently recognize the potential in young individuals and strive to aid its realization through our CSI programs. Aligned with our company strategy, our CSI strategy places a central emphasis on YOUTH, prioritizing developmental efforts. By concentrating on safe community schools and disrupting cycles of violence and crime, we aim to benefit both society's long-term interests and our core medical services business.

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  • Community Upliftment

    Additionally, we replenish and distribute first aid kits for businesses, factories, and schools, along with the supply of various medical equipment. Introducing our latest service, aftercare services, we provide a continuum of care. Our fleet includes ambulances and paramedics offering basic to advanced life support, accompanied by skilled doctors and nurses.

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  • Graphic Design

    Our Workforce

    AMS presently has a team of 25 skilled and seasoned permanent employees, along with 15 temporary staff members who provide round-the-clock service to clients every day of the week. Our entire workforce consists entirely of young individuals. The company holds full membership with the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF SA).

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Afromed - Services

Services We Provided

Afromed Emergency services typically provide a range of crucial services aimed at delivering immediate medical assistance and transportation to individuals facing medical emergencies. The specific services may vary based on the ambulance provider and the region, but common services include:.

  • Emergency Medical Response:

    Prompt response to emergency calls for medical assistance. On-site assessment and initial stabilization of patients.

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Services:

    Administration of advanced medical interventions by paramedics or trained emergency medical technicians.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Services:

    Fundamental life-saving interventions such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for cardiac emergencies.

  • Patient Assessment and Triage:

    Comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition to determine the appropriate level of care. Triage to prioritize and allocate resources based on the severity of the medical condition.

  • Transportation to Medical Facilities:

    Safe and efficient transportation of patients to hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. Coordination with medical facilities for timely patient handover.

  • Trauma Care and Management:

    Response to traumatic injuries and accidents. Stabilization and management of patients with severe injuries.

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-Why Choose Us-

Reasons to Choose Afromed

At Afromed, we advocate for taking decisive action. Our outcomes speak volumes, positioning us as leaders in our sector.

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    Team Work

    Every member of our team is an integral part of our extended family. We stand together, united in our shared commitment and connection as a cohesive family unit.

  • 02

    Community Outreach

    Engaging in community outreach is a standard practice for us, and we actively participate in initiatives aimed at societal betterment, including educational programs and food distribution schemes.

  • 03

    Educational Services

    Afromed professionals dedicate their time to delivering high-quality training sessions for the community, ensuring valuable and effective learning experiences.

  • 04

    Community Outreach

    Afromed consistently expands and enhances its facilities to extend its reach to the entire community, ensuring broader access and improved services for everyone.

  • 05

    Our Priority

    At the core of our values is the belief that our community is our foremost priority. We actively contribute to those in need, embodying our commitment to fostering a supportive and caring environment.

  • 06

    Ongoing Community Support

    In various communities, Afromed goes beyond offering emergency services by providing additional support. This includes the donation of essential food parcels to address specific needs within those areas.

Learn about our engagement

We Work Together
  • Afromed has been consistently offering continuous support to athletes within the local community, demonstrating a commitment to fostering and nurturing talent in the sports arena.

  • Afromed extends emergency support to prestigious events, including the DSTV league, underscoring our commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of participants in such significant gatherings.

  • As pioneers in emergency services, we take pride in our swift response and immediate assistance capabilities during any emergency situation. Our commitment is to provide rapid aid, ensuring the safety and well-being of those in need.

  • Afromed remains accessible and actively participates in ensuring the well-being of individuals during PSL league games held in the province.

  • Afromed's impact is consistently evident, even during significant gatherings like the Durban Rocks festival, where our presence is always notable, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of attendees.