What we really do

Afromed serves as the primary emergency service provider, ensuring a swift response for your urgent service requirements.

What about emergency services

Emergency services for ambulances refer to the timely and specialized assistance provided to individuals experiencing medical emergencies or urgent health issues. Ambulance services play a crucial role in the healthcare system by delivering rapid and efficient pre-hospital care. This includes responding to emergency calls, transporting patients to medical facilities, and offering essential medical interventions en route.

  • 24/7 response

    100 %
  • First Aid Support

    95 %
  • On Call anytime

    85 %
  • Trained Medical Response

    95 %
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    Rapid Response Time:

    Ambulances are equipped to respond quickly to emergency calls, providing timely assistance to individuals in critical situations.

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    Mobile Medical Care

    Ambulances are essentially mobile medical units equipped with essential equipment and trained personnel.

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    Specialized equipment

    Ambulances are equipped with specialized medical equipment and technology that can address various emergency scenarios.

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    pre-Hospital Care

    Ambulance services extend medical care beyond the hospital setting by providing pre-hospital care.

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  • Our training

    We train and prepare our employees

    Afromed provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively respond to and manage emergency situations. This training is essential for various professionals, including first responders, healthcare workers, public safety personnel, and community members. The goal of emergency training is to enhance preparedness, reduce the impact of emergencies, and improve overall safety. Here are key aspects of emergency training:

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  • Equipment

    Readily available equipment

    Afromed used various types of equipment in emergency situations across different contexts, including medical emergencies, natural disasters, and public safety incidents. The specific equipment used depends on the nature of the emergency and the roles of the responders involved. Here are some common categories of equipment used in emergency situations:

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  • In sports

    Afromed First response in sports

    Emergency services in sports are critical components that ensure the safety and well-being of athletes, staff, and spectators during sporting events. These services are designed to respond promptly to injuries, medical emergencies, and other incidents that may occur on or around the sports field. Here are key aspects of emergency services in sports:

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  • The location

    Different branches

    Afromed operates in two locations, with one branch situated in Avoca Hills providing a comprehensive range of emergency services. The second branch, located in Manguzi, not only offers emergency services but also includes a school dedicated to training our staff and contributing to the Manguzi community.

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